GPCPC is a network of UK General Practitioners
(GPs) working together to improve perinatal
care in primary care.

We consider that better perinatal care will reduce healthcare inequalities, improve women’s health in the shorter and longer term and reduce adverse childhood outcomes and experiences.

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About the GPCPC Website

This website provides information about the work of GPCPC and also includes resources intended as a guide to support healthcare professionals’ clinical practice. The information included here is primarily aimed at practicing UK General Practitioners (GPs). Resources have been selected and included by GP members of GPCPC, from the wealth of reliable information available on perinatal healthcare, because we feel they are specifically relevant to General Practice.

This website uses the terms ‘woman’ or ‘mother’ throughout. These should be taken to include people who do not identify as women but are pregnant or have given birth. Similarly, where the term ‘parents’ is used, this should be taken to include anyone who has main responsibility for caring for a baby.

The information within does not constitute medical advice for individual patients or members of the public. Healthcare professional users of this site must exercise their own professional judgement, take personal responsibility for their own clinical decisions, and for interpretation of the materials and links within this site. The above applies to all pages of this website.

GPCPC cannot give medical advice to members of the public. Members of the public in need of medical advice or help with personal perinatal health issues should consult their own healthcare professionals or access NHS services as appropriate

Orginally Created: February 13, 2022
Updated on: January 21, 2024