Endorsed by GPCPC

The following are guidelines, standards, reports and campaigns that GPCPC has officially endorsed. We recommend these to GP colleagues as we believe they contribute to good clinical care in the perinatal period.

Endorsed by GPCPC December 2023

GPCPC are delighted to see the publication of this guidance. As an organisation we have worked closely with NHS England and RCGP to make sure it will help GPs access the most recent evidence based advice to improve the care and experience of women and families after birth. Please see our full comments on our webpage dedicated to highlight this guidance.

Endorsed by GPCPC February 2023

NICE Antenatal Care Quality Standard 22 is supported by GPCPC. Although GPs are rarely involved in routine antenatal care these days they are frequently involved in urgent and out of hours care. We are particularly pleased to see Quality Statement 4: ‘Pregnant women are offered vaccinations at routine antenatal appointments’, as this has the potential to significantly improve protection of mothers and babies from serious, preventable acute illnesses.

Endorsed by GPCPC September 2022

GPCPC contributed to the Stakeholder stages of NICE Postnatal Care Quality Standard 37 and support and endorse it. It covers key areas for improvement in postnatal care, and Quality Statement 6 concerning the GP postnatal check for women is of particular relevance to primary care.

Orginally Created: March 30, 2023
Updated on: February 2, 2024